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I'm here to guide you on your healthy hair journey. Love is in the hair. Treat your hair with love and care and it will always be there!


My job is to make sure your hair styles are protecting your natural hair always.


No hairstyle is worth risking the health of your natural hair. I will always do what's in the best interest of your natural hair to establish consistency in your hair growth journey.


I started doing hair at a young age for fun and haven't stopped doing it since. I'm a very versatile stylist. I can do just about any style, even mens cuts. Natural hair is where my passion resides. Protective styles + braids are my most popular areas of styling.


Being a day maker is my job. Spreading my love to my clients through hair. It's a beautiful feeling when your hair looks great because you feel greater!

To enhance your hair styles longevity,

be sure to check out my custom braid bonnets and adjustable shower caps! 

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